Exploration Journey of Campo Imaging Energy Spectrum CT

1936  2020-06-01 16:36:02

The clinical application of radiology is based on reliable and verifiable technology. At the beginning of the invention of CT, it has been found that the linear attenuation coefficient of tissue depends on the chemical position of tissue (effective atomic number, Z eff), mass density (q) and effective energy of X-ray. Due to the technical limitations at that time, the clinical popularization and application of energy spectrum has not been carried out. Ten years ago, Companies began to set foot in dual energy CT (dual energy CT) application. So far, various companies have developed different modes of dual energy applications. Due to technical limitations, although clinical applications are extensive, the actual results are very different. Different dual energy scans are used on different devices for the same disease, and inconsistent results are obtained. Therefore, domestic and international experts have made many discussions on dual energy CT scans, It is found that the dual energy scanning of each company has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as the lack of space-time matching degree or the lack of energy separation accuracy, so that the advanced clinical application of dual energy CT is not recognized, and the application of energy spectrum CT needs to be further improved.

Based on the unique technology and accurate energy separation, open imaging energy spectrum CT has made a great breakthrough in clinical application. For example, the article "Application of precision128 energy spectrum CT in clinical trial on the differential diagnosis of renal clear cell carcinoma and fatty renal hamartoma" published by the radiology department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Qiqihar Medical College, by measuring the iodine content in the focus Calculate the standardized iodine concentration, draw the energy spectrum attenuation curve, get the K value, calculate the area under the curve and each k value for the differential diagnosis of renal clear cell carcinoma and fatty renal hamartoma. The accuracy of energy spectrum attenuation curve and K value in this paper is closely related to the initial energy spectrum distribution of X-ray.

Campo Imaging high-precision CT energy spectrum platform is innovatively developed by the world's top Chinese and American core algorithm team. Dr. Zou Yu, the prime scientist of the core algorithm R & D team, is a postdoctoral in the Department of radiology of the University of Chicago, the Department of electronic engineering and computer of Vanderbilt University and the doctor of physics of the Institute of physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has obtained 51 authorized U.S. patents, 8 publicized U.S. patents and 4 Chinese patents. Dr. Shi Daxin, head of American R & D center, is the Department of biomedical engineering of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) (BME) doctor of medical imaging and master of Institute of chemical metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has published 17 international journal papers and more than 30 international conference papers, and 7 patents have been authorized by the U.S. patent office and 2 Chinese patents. Dr. Yang Yi, a core algorithm expert, is a postdoctoral and senior research assistant in the Department of Radiology and imaging science, School of medicine, Emory University, USA, and Vermont, USA Postdoctoral Fellow of the Department of mathematics and statistics of Nanjing University, doctor of the Department of physics of Nanjing University, published more than 20 papers in international journals, participated in more than 40 international conferences and lectures, and obtained 2 Chinese patents. Campo Imaging medical's core technical team of more than 200 people around the world is composed of senior experts from well-known enterprises and research institutions in the industry, which ensures the strong technical strength and development potential of Campo Imaging's products.

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