Xinhuanet:Precision Container CT Sent to Xinxiang, Henan

1751  2021-08-19 09:30:41

Xinhua Shenyang, July 29 (reporter Li Zheng, Yu Yetong) In recent days, heavy rains in Henan have affected many places, and emergency rescue has been carried out intensively. Campo Imaging rushed to sent the Precision Container CT to Henan Xinxiang second people's Hospital. It is reported that this equipment is easy to install and can operate with an external power supply, which can provide a strong guarantee for local disaster rescue and diagnosis.

Since the First Affiliated Hospital of Xinxiang Medical College stopped recently, Xinxiang second people's hospital has successively received a large number of patients referred by the hospital, which has brought arduous challenges to the diagnosis and treatment of disaster relief. Xinxiang second people's Hospital said that the Precision Container CT donated by Campo Imaging will be used for the diagnosis and treatment of outpatient, emergency and a large number of transferred patients, which will effectively alleviate the working pressure of the hospital's existing medical imaging equipment and improve the hospital's medical service capacity in the disaster relief and reconstruction stage.

The reporter learned that this Campo Imaging Precision Container CT has the characteristics of rapid installment, precision diagnosis, energy spectrum imaging, low-dose screening and so on.

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