Two Precision Container CT Sent to Dalian Against the Epidemic

1506  2021-12-07 09:32:26

On December 4, Dalian returned to the low-risk area of the whole region, the production and living order was gradually and orderly restored, and the children returned to school again. Since coronavirus pneumonia was first diagnosed in Dalian in November 4th, the number of infected cases has exceeded 300 cases. This round of epidemic has become an extremely serious epidemic in Dalian since last year, making this coastal city the focus of national epidemic prevention and control again.

This is the first outbreak of the epidemic since last year. Two Precision Container CT were sent to Dalian against the epidemic, due to the outstanding performance in Dalian recent years. The first people's Hospital of Jinzhou District and Dalian Public Health Clinical Center, Precision Container CT fought side by side with medical staff. After Dalian Friendship Hospital, Dalian Fifth People's Hospital and Dalian hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Campo Imaging has once again given timely assistance to the epidemic prevention and control in Dalian.

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