"Behind us, there are you"A Letter from Front-line Anti-epidemic Doctor

1939  2022-01-06 09:13:46

Chen Jing, Technician Chief of Radiology Departmentof Wuhan Third Hospital


I'm from the radiology department of Wuhan third hospital. In mid February 2020, COVID-19 was at its peak. As a designated hospital, the medical workers of the whole hospital are duty bound to meet the difficulties, which is not only our responsibility, but also our glory! But only medical personnel novel coronavirus pneumonia can not solve the heavy diagnostic reexamination work. The biggest problem faced at that time was the lack of equipment!

Just when we were worried about this, we received a notice that the hospital received a donation from Campo Imaging Precision 32 precision tomography energy spectrum CT. On February 20, 2020, the expected equipment will arrive in the hospital area. What moved us more was that many young engineers and training experts came to our hospital. They also risked their lives and decided to go against the wind when the epidemic was the worst.

At that time, all the leaving Han channels were closed. They were not only responsible for the installation, commissioning and training of equipment, but also served as volunteers in the hospital and fought side by side with us until the epidemic situation improved. Now I think back to that time, they were not afraid of difficulties and dangers. I would still be distressed and moved by their busy figures. In this epidemic, it is precisely because of the support from all sides that we have the warm power in our hearts!

After the successful installation of Campo Imaging Precision 32 CT, it was put into use at the first time, which ran through the investigation and follow-up of the whole epidemic situation. A high-quality equipment should have three points: simple operation, accurate positioning and minimum radiation. This Precision 32 CT has high precision, fast response, clear image and low-dose scanning, which is suitable for all kinds of patients. The novel coronavirus pneumonia patients novel coronavirus pneumonia cases are very frequent during the epidemic period.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Precision 32 CT can operate in front of the console and have zero contact with patients, which greatly reduces the infection risk of our medical workers. During the whole epidemic period, none of the technicians in the whole department was infected. This proud result is inseparable from the credit of this equipment!

The spring is warm and the epidemic situation is alleviated. This Precision 32 CT is still playing an important role. At present, this equipment is mainly used for the physical examination of people in the health care department of our hospital. It is responsible for the physical examination of more than 100 people every morning, giving full play to its advantages again. Because of its low-dose scanning technology, the subjects can receive excellent images while receiving the minimum radiation to meet the clinical diagnosis, and bring intuitive and profound convenience to the subjects and clinic!

An epidemic has moved and thanked us too much. We are grateful for the progress of science and technology and Campo Imaging company. It is precisely because of your company committed to the progress of human health care that we can feel more at ease when we face the accident of life! Thank you for your timely research and development and providing such good clinical products and services, as well as your support for Wuhan and the epidemic situation. Behind us, there was a filmmaker!

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