The Hope of Life: Campo Imaging CT Helps the World Fight the Epidemic

1845  2022-01-06 09:17:30


The coronavirus pneumonia has been ravaging all over the world and devouring countless lives. According to people's Daily overseas network, in India, where the medical system and health conditions are not perfect, more than 300 million of the total 1 billion 350 million people are infected with COVID-19, which is equivalent to 1 of every 4 people infected with COVID-19. Recently, the number of new cases in a single day in India exceeded 100000 for the first time, exceeding the total number of new cases in a single day in other parts of the world that day, becoming the highest since the outbreak of the epidemic in the world's second-largest country with confirmed cases.

The sea is the cradle of life. The war epidemic weapon Campo Imaging Precision 32 CT was exported to dy specialized hospital in India and installed in the CT room with the theme of ocean. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Dr. Limaye, is looking forward to the hope that this device will bring life to the suffering new crown pneumonia patients.

Dr. Limaye has decades of clinical experience. Based on ten years of private clinic experience and the purpose of providing credible and reliable medical care, he has established a dy specialized hospital with first-class medical level to provide customized and professional prevention and treatment services for local people. Dy hospital has a dedicated and high-level medical professional team, as well as CCU, ICU, CT, breast machine, Dr, US and other advanced medical equipment. It has a good reputation and high reputation in the local area.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia Precision 32 CT, which deliver the goods of the advantage of precision tomography technology, is clearly visible to the early stage of new crown pneumonia and the fine lesions after the return to the clinic. It provides accurate and detailed imaging evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment. Controlling the pre operation and zero contact of patients ensures the zero infection of the operator. It is understood that novel coronavirus pneumonia patients treated in DY specialist hospital have been kept full of bed since the operation of Precision 32 precision tomography energy spectrum CT. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is widely used in the field of postprocessing and reconstruction.

From novel coronavirus pneumonia to lung cancer, most benign and malignant pulmonary nodules do not have specific clinical manifestations, and no obvious difference in imaging features. High resolution thin-layer CT greatly improves the detection of small pulmonary nodules, especially multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) and other technologies. It can observe the fine structures such as microvessels, bronchioles and lesion edge morphology in the nodules from different angles. The more information displayed, the smaller the differential range of benign and malignant nodes, and the higher the accuracy of diagnosis; It is of great significance for early detection, early diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of micro malignant lesions.

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