Imaging Leads Future: Campo Imaging Precision Series CT Landing 2021 CMEF

1723  2021-05-15 14:47:49

CT is an extremely important medical equipment in medical imaging, and it is also one of the imaging equipment with the largest installed capacity. From May 13 to 16, Campo Imaging CT and many new products and technologies in the medical industry appeared in the 84th spring CMEF China International Medical Device Expo opened in Shanghai. With the theme of "innovation and technology leading the future", more than 100000 visitors came from all directions to participate in this high-tech smart medical feast. As the only manufacturer in the industry that independently developed the full spectrum CT, Campo Imaging exhibited its innovative achievements and responsibility.

With decades of industry accumulation, Campo Imaging has gathered the world's top R & D team, burst out a strong innovation potential in just a few years, and independently developed the world's leading precision series CT products. This series of products have cutting-edge technologies and powerful functions such as global invention patent precision tomography technology, precision low-dose scanning technology, megapixel HD algorithm, high-end accurate energy spectrum platform, and intelligent post-processing. In particular, it is the first in the industry to equip the CT with independent and innovative dual energy scanning function, that is, it makes the quantitative analysis of energy spectrum possible by improving the energy separation in energy spectrum reconstruction. Based on the unique technology and accurate energy separation, open energy spectrum CT has made a great breakthrough in clinical application, and raised the success rate of domestic CT image diagnosis to a new level. Up to now, precision series CT has sold more than 100 sets in the industry, which has been widely recognized by experts in class III hospitals and fully represents the advanced level of CT technology in China.

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